100 to 100

This is a great way to show another mom that you care!!

In December 2019 I received a $500 gift from a friend which allowed Sofia and I to take 5 moms on a $100 shopping spree to Walmart. The moms were free to pick out any items, but were told items had to be for themselves. They bought basic items like pants, underwear, socks, shirts and shoes. It was incredible to be apart of.

We would like to duplicate this effort and reach more women who are raising or helping to raise children. Our aim is to raise $100 for 100 deserving moms in need.  The same rules apply: purchase for themselves because they so rarely get the option to do so. Extra money tends to go to their children/familial needs.

If you would like to volunteer during a shopping day, please visit the contact us page.

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