Our Current and Future Projects

We aim to help those in need.


  1. Golf Tournament fundraiser
  2. Dona Ana Kids Talent Show
  3. Mothers Day Event for Recipients and Donors
  4. Custom Framed Diamond Art Auction
  5. 2nd Annual One HUGE Fiesta!

Donor and Recipient UPDATES:

• We have a donor who offered to purchase furniture for Norma and her family.


• 100 for 100. $100 to 100 moms, $10,000 project

• Land for Jahir, $20,000 project

• Let’s Stay Warm Campaign: Donated jackets, blankets, and heaters for families.

• Homes for families

• Funeral expenses; assistance with funeral expenses through partnership with La Paz Graham’s Funeral Home.

Organization Fundraisers:

• One Huge Fiesta

• Framing Auction pieces. Frames for Diamond Art pieces are costly and cut into the proceeds. Searching for donors to cover costs. Each frame ranges between $100-$500. We have 20 diamond art pieces that will be framed.