What We Are

The Sophia is a charity based organization that was inspired by Sofie and created by Kristin. The two now are joining their forces to create The Sophia organization to enable expanded reach for those in need. By profession Sofie has been a parent outreach ambassador for the past 18 years, and Kristin is a mental health counselor and mental health advocate.

Those who have been personally helped by Sofie in the past are generally families in need. Now, The Sophia wants to continue doing such feats so that recipients may receive help from Sofie and Kristin in a more organized, centered fashion. Families call during times of natural disaster, family emergencies, medical emergencies, as well as issues with daily needs of food, shelter, and clothing. Contributors to The Sophia organization can rest assured that we work directly with families and children; there is no middle man.

How did we get our name The Sophia? It’s two fold, and Ms. Kristin Rankin explains her reasoning: “Sophia means Wisdom. When I dreamt of The Sophia I saw a movement. When I think of The Sophia I see a way of living, a way of loving, and a way of knowing, i.e. a perceptive state of mind. It’s the ability to hold on while looking for empathy amidst all situations. I believe that God uses people to bring Heaven to earth. With that perspective I wanted to build this organization in hopes of gathering people who share a similar perception and can see a bigger vision for our communities, our children, and our culture.”

The second reason is Mrs. Sofia Hernandez. She inspires all to try harder, do better, be bigger. She is loved by many and a trusted member among the families in her community. Stranger to none, they call her when they are hungry, their child is sick, they have a medical emergency, their baby died. It is unbelievable to witness the weight her name has among the unknown. They call saying “Are you Sofia? I heard you help people?” Professionally, she has been:

  • a parent outreach ambassador with the school district for 18 years
  • a volunteer with Angel Flight Southcentral, a medical transportation program that offers free air transportation for lifesaving medical treatment or other humanitarian reasons.
  • a volunteer and employee of La Paz-Graham’s Funeral Home.

She gives herself for the sake of others. What advice would Sofia give? “Never stop doing, be grateful, do what you can, make a difference, and be bigger than yourself. You’re only on this world once.” Her view on life is her weapon.

My name is Kristin Rankin. Professionally I’m a mental health counselor for school based health centers in Las Cruces, NM. I met Sophia 18 years ago when I began my career as an elementary school teacher. I worked with the tiny Pre-K kids for a federally funded program. The kids made me smile. They taught me that some people enjoy mixing paint colors together even though they were nicely separated in color coordinated containers. They patiently taught me Spanish. I learned what a great responsibility we have to care for our children. They pour out love. They understand what living in the moment looks like in practice. They need to be cared for. They trust and need us to protect them. I also learned how much we fail them too. I saw abuse, I saw mistreatment by their caregivers, I saw neglect.

Sofia and I had worked together on charity projects for many years, but in 2020 it became clear our mission was different. It was bigger. It felt bigger. I felt the need to create this website to share what we are fighting in our community. I want to share what we see, who we work for, and how great the need for help is. We believe that with more resources, awareness, and action we have a real chance at changing the community for the better.