What We’ve Done

Many hands makes light work…

Trailer for Norma: Norma is a mom and grandmother who lives in Mesquite, NM. She and her family had been living in a trailer that had severe problems with it’s electrical wiring. The family tried to improve it on their own but their solution ultimately failed. Their trailer was condemned by local authorities and the family was displaced. Here is what transpired through the Sophia… Mrs. Melendez graciously offered to sell her trailer for much less than what she could have asked for. She genuinely wanted to help a family, so we all met. As we walked through the home, Mrs. Melendez shared sweet stories from raising her children in this home to remodeling the bathroom. Julio Lopez assisted with hooking up the electricity for a reduced price. Andy Venegas assisted with moving the old trailer out and moving the new trailer in. They provided these services for a reduced price. The total cost was significantly less than what would have been without their help. Thanks to these volunteers, Norma and her family now have a new home for themselves.

Trailer for Norma
Trailer for Norma (2)

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