Land for Jahir

Jahir is a 13 year old boy from Anthony, New Mexico who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in December of 2020. He underwent emergency surgery to remove it, but it quickly came back, and far more aggressively. He had a second surgery in February of 2021. Unfortunately, in June 2021 Jahir and his family were informed that the tumor had returned. His mother was relentless and requested what would be a third opinion. Jahir underwent his third surgery in August 2021 at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. Doctors there felt confident that his surgery was successful at removing the entire tumor. He is recovering through chemotherapy and radiation therapy with his mother at his side, and will have to stay there for six months.

We would like to purchase land for Jahir and his family. Help us raise enough to purchase a property so his family can have a stable place to put their home, a home that he can come back to after fighting so hard.

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