The empathy within ourselves dictates our involvement.

The Sophia

We are an organization created to help fight poverty and enable those in need to improve their quality of life. We want to be a bridge during times of crisis and emergency to those in need, to be able to connect donors to families, and spread hope in our community.

About Us

Our Goals

The Sophia- It is a movement and a way of life. The wisdom to be bigger than yourself and strive to do more for the benefit of others. It’s about helping strangers even when you feel your help will not be enough. It’s the idea of giving yourself to others without expectation or judgement. We believe in a world where every family, every child has a full belly, a safe place to sleep, rested for school, clothes that keep them warm and proper medical care.

We feel drawn to fight poverty in our community. We plan to invest in our future by continuing to assist families. We believe there are people who want to donate, who want to volunteer locally, that want to help but aren’t sure who to contact. We want to create a bridge between the helpers in our community and people who need their help. Sofie and I are restricted in time, resources, and strength, but with the continued support of our long time partnerships (and hopefully the support of new friends that want to help) we can give even more than Sofie already has been doing for the community.

A Word From Kristin

If we must be in this world, then we must be mindful in this world. Be immersed; don’t just exist. Do something with your life that drives you to get up in the morning. What I’m about to say next will sound so simple, I’m embarrassed to admit how long it took for me to learn.

In order to fully be in the world you must know:

  1. You can’t wait. Don’t wait. Find a way, the truth, the beauty. Find the goodness. Most importantly, keep going.
  2. Believe you are enough. You are designed with purpose. There is something only you can deliver and bring into this world. Others are waiting for you to take your place. It’s about connecting with people and being there for them when they need you the most.
  3. A smile goes a long way. A smile activates the entire brain!

How You Can Help

Become a Volunteer

The amount of families that need help is bigger than you may realize. We need your help. Get involved today by becoming a volunteer. Sign up and you will be joining a team of change-makers; a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of families and children in our community.

Direct Giving: Donor to Recipient Registry Program

We want to further connect donors to families in need who live in our community. Each family has compiled a list of items needed for their household, their children, or themselves. Donors are able to fund any amount on their list. The registry is closed once all items have been funded. Items are then purchased and given directly to the receiver. We personally pick up and deliver items to ensure it’s a success story.

Services and Resources

Many of our families need food, clothes, transportation, gas, roof repairs, etc. If you can provide any of these services or resources and want to help, your gift will help families and children in need, while offering the promise of a brighter future. You can make a difference today.


What People Say

I remember even 18 years ago when I would go to school and generously receive backpacks full of school supplies and even personal delivery of food directly to my home from Mrs. Sofie.

John Doe

Yo estoy muy agradecida porque ya tengo un hogar para mis hijos y nietos que es 100% mio, gracias a Sofie y Kristin.



Recent Causes

  • 100 to 100
    In December of 2019 a friend donated $500. With the $500 we took 5 mothers and grandmothers shopping at Walmart. They were free to pick any items, but were told that the items had to be for them. They picked things such as undergarments, socks, shirts, pants, and toiletries. What they chose told me (Kristin)Continue reading “100 to 100”
  • Land for Jahir
    Jahir is a 13 year old boy from Anthony, New Mexico who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in December of 2020. He underwent emergency surgery to remove it, but it quickly came back, and far more aggressively. He had a second surgery in February of 2021. Unfortunately, in June 2021 Jahir and his familyContinue reading “Land for Jahir”


With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always need people who are willing to volunteer their services. If you provide a service in the community that could help our families in need, such as electrical work, plumbing, roof repair, etc. Please contact us to be added to our directory of volunteer service providers.

We are also in need of pilots willing to volunteer with Angel Flight South Central to transport patients requiring life saving medical transportation. Please contact AFSC for more information.

Thank you to our current donors and volunteers (angels!) who have offered their services; no words can express the gratitude for the amount of help Sofie has received from you all throughout these years.

Las Cruces, NM